Under the REPORTING section, we suggested that your gaming machine performance reports may not meet what’s necessary to achieve sound analyses? Yes, the words ‘reports’ and ‘analyses’ are expressed in the plural deliberately because there are numerous examples of each that need to be considered.

It is also worth noting that ‘reporting’ is not ‘analysis’ and ‘analysis’ is not ‘reporting’. They are completely separate and independent processes.

Statutory reports such as those known as ‘Cash Flow Analysis’ and ‘Net Revenue Analysis’ are commonly produced in an automated way by N.S.W. venues. However, despite the names given to them decades ago, they do not really analyse anything. Instead, they are just reports of certain data and monetary calculations.

Analysis and interpretation of the reports, on the other hand, require consideration of the factual data and subjective thought in order to develop cogent conclusions. The outcomes of those processes can then result in documented observations and recommendations, which should be included in gaming machine management reports. 

We can help equip you with the required skills and nail the essentials in gaming machine analysis.

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