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Australian Capital Territory


New South Wales
Northern Territory
South Australia
Western Australia

Annual Holidays Act 1944
Anti-Discrimination Act 1977
Associations Incorporation Act 2009
Associations Incorporation Regulation 2009
Betting Tax Act 2001
Casino Control Act 1992
Casino Control Regulation 2009
Charitable Fundraising Act 1991
Charitable Trusts Act 1993
Constitution Act 1902
Copyright Act 1879
Crimes Act 1900
Duties Act 1997
Employees Liability Act 1991
Employment Protection Act 1982
Employment Protection Regulation 2001
Encroachment of Buildings Act 1922
Fair Trading Act 1987
Financial Transaction Reports Act 1992
Food Act 2003
Gambling (Two-Up) Act 1998
Gaming Machines Tax Act 2001
Gaming Machines Act 2001
Gaming Machines Regulation 2010
Harness Racing Act 2009
Hawkesbury Racecourse Act 1996
Heritage Act 1977
Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 1988
Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal Act 1992
Industrial Relations Act 1996
Industrial Relations (General) Regulation 2015
Innkeepers Act 1968
Insurance Act 1902
Interpretation Act 1987
Liquor Act 2007
Liquor Regulation 2008
Long Service Leave Act 1955
Lotteries and Art Unions Act 1901
Payroll Tax Act 2007
Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998
Privacy and Personal Information Protection Regulation 2014
Privacy Code of Practice (General) 2003
Professional Standards Act 1994
Public Lotteries Act 1996
Public Lotteries Regulation 2007
Racing Appeals Tribunal Act 1983
Registered Clubs Act 1976
Registered Clubs Regulation 2015
Returned and Services League of Australia (New South Wales Branch) Incorporation Act 1935
Sale of Goods Act 1923
Security Industry Act 1997
Sporting Injuries Insurance Act 1978
Sporting Injuries Insurance Regulation 2009
Summary Offences Act 1988
Superannuation Act 1916
Taxation Administration Act 1996
Taxation Administration Regulation 1996
Thoroughbred Racing Act 1996
Totalizator Act 1997
Totalizator Agency Board Privatisation Act 1997
Unclaimed Money Act 1995
Uncollected Goods Act 1995
Unlawful Gambling Act 1998
Weapons Prohibition Act 1998
Workers Compensation Act 1987
Workers Compensation Legislation Amendment Act 2000
Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998
Workplace Surveillance Act 2005



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Community Gaming
Art Unions
Card Jackpot Games
Charity Housie
Chocolate Wheels
Club Bingo
Football Doubles
Gaming Nights
Gratuitous Lotteries
GST Implications
Lucky Envelopes
Mini Numbers
No-Draw Lotteries
Poker Tournaments
Progressive Lotteries
Promotional Raffles in Registered Clubs
Scratch Lotteries
Social Housie
Tipping Competitions
Trade Promotion Lottery Application
Trade Promotion Lotteries for businesses
Trade Promotion Lotteries for consumers

Trade Promotion Lotteries Permit Conditions
Two-Up Rules

Community Gaming Application (N.S.W.) Forms
Games of Chance - Charity Housie, Lucky Envelopes & Chocolate Wheels
Games of Chance - Progressive Lotteries
Games of Chance - Sweeps and Calcuttas
Games of Chance - Art Unions


Application Guide
Application for Exemption (20% limit on in-kind assistance)
Letter of Offer Template (Funding in excess of $10,000)

Responsible Conduct of Gambling (N.S.W.)
RCG Course Manual
Model Self-Exclusion Agreement

Local Impact Assessments (N.S.W.)
LIA Process Fact Sheet
Class 1 LIA Guidelines
Class 2 LIA Guidelines
LGA Band Classifications

Technical Standards (N.S.W.)
Gaming Machine National Standard 2015
Gaming Machine National Standard NSW Appendix 2015
Gaming Machine Communications Protocol NSW V2.4
Gaming Machine National Non-compliance Register 2015
NSW Jackpot Standard V1.3
Redline NSW Jackpot Standard
NSW TITO Standard V420
Redline NSW TITO Standard V420
Gaming Machines Prohibited Features Register

Club Compliance Checklist
Approved Financial Arrangements
Hotel Compliance Checklist

Accounting Standards
Consolidated Accounts (99KB)



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